The Discoverer

People want to travel. And increasingly today, people want other people to see that they travel. The Discoverer is a online newsletter that features a new destination weekly. I’ve been a subscriber for a while now and love their content. However, when I analyzed their website, I was disappointed that I could not access an archive of their past newsletters and explore the different cities that they have covered (this was at the time of my research – they have actually since updated their website to include this). 

I wanted to revamp their landing page to be more of an interactive exploration of their different cities. The ultimate goal was still to increase the conversion rate but I wanted to make sure that people had fun on their website.

  1. How do users interact with The Discoverer?
  2. Which parts of the newsletter appeal most to users?
  3. What other products are out there like The Discoverer?
  4. What would make someone subscribe to The Discoverer?
  5. Who is the target audience of The Discoverer?

With the increasing number of travel bloggers and Instagrammers, I knew I wanted to push The Discoverer towards users whose livelihood is based on discovering cool and new places for their own personal audiences. A 2016 social media study from Pew Research Center found that 32% of online adults are on Instagram and of those, 38% are female compared to 26% who are male. Most of the travel influencers on Instagram I follow are also female so I knew I wanted the landing page to have a feminine slant.

Something smart The Discoverer does in their Instagram and newsletter is use photos of young travelers with their faces obstructed, usually with the person facing away from the camera in front of a beautiful backdrop. The facelessness creates an anonymity and therefore, these Discoverers could be anyone.

By using high-quality photos of young travelers in beautiful destinations, the user would be inspired by to subscribe and fulfill their sense of wanderlust.


I tested the new landing page with ten users who fit the target profile for the newsletter. All ten of them said that they would subscribe after utilising the new website. 

“This is so fun to use, especially with all the hover animations—I’d probably get lost for hours browsing different destinations.”

This project was really fun and informative, especially as an introduction into using Principle for the first time.