TEDxUNC is a conference near and dear to my heart. I learned so much from TED talks I watched online (here’s a list of my favourite ones!) and I love the intersection of technology and design that TED promotes. 

I served as the Creative Director for my University’s annual conference for two years. I was responsible for recruiting and directing a team of 5 designers and creating a unique and recognizable brand identity throughout campus. 


The theme my first year in TEDxUNC was “Bodies: Being Human.” I was a junior at UNC who had just finished my first ~real life~ graphic design internship in New York City, so I had some credibility among the other TED members. In reality, I had no idea what I was doing.

TEDxUNC was going through a lot of restructuring at the time and didn’t have an existing design team so I was appointed as Creative Director and told that I could recruit my own team of designers. 

I solicited applications, conducted interviews, and picked a wonderful team where I met some of my best friends. We were tasked with establishing the entire brand identity for our conference while maintaining the strong, official TED brand. We designed everything for our greater team, including stickers, conference programs, social media graphics, printed flyers, team t-shirts, and merchandise. I was also in charge of corresponding with printers and worked tirelessly to ensure our materials were quality and on time. 
Home” was the theme of the 2017 conference, which was apt because that’s what TEDxUNC started feeling like for me. I had made some of my best friends through the organisation and going to the weekly meetings never felt like chores to me. I served again as Creative Director, this time sharing the responsibility with a member I recruited last year, Atayal. Apart from bonding over our hard-to-pronounce names, having Atayal as co-director was reassuring and taught me how to articulate and share a common, creative vision.

I took on a lighter load this semester but designed the two of the most widely disseminated products: the t-shirt and the logo, which we printed onto stickers and passed out during the event.