I redesigned the UX and UI of the PayFit Human Resources dashboard (shown below) with the requirement to add an employee dashboard section that summarises all the important HR related information regarding the employee, including personal and work information.

I wanted to completey reimagine the UX of the dashboard, which I identified many issues in. First, the concept of having all the employees in a list form contradicted the friendly job of human resources. The list felt impersonal, as if each emplooyee is just another item in a list of thousands. I shifted to a cards display instead, which made each employee seem like a separate individual with their own personal profile.

When you click through to a particular profile, you get the following screens, which includes the personal information on another tab. The tab also allows the HR representative to add any information they deem necessary to their personal records. 

The other tabs display personal and payroll information, which allows for an "Additional Forms" section at the end, which includes a pop-up of each form.

I hope you enjoyed the presentation! Click here to see the screens in high-resolution.