EasyEvent provides two products: an online platform to create an event website and an on-site check-in method for digital guest lists and checking in on tablets. Since most customers buy both for their event management, I wanted the landing page to present both products as one sole product.

I looked at other well-designed product landing pages, such as Asana, Algolia, Evernote, Dropbox, to see what they were doing to successfully convert viewers.

I found that most had features, benefits, testimonies, and a last call to action as the main sections of their sites. The most successful ones were ones that highlighted the most important components but led users to seek further information on other pages.

I always think it’s better to think laterally and explore as many solutions as possible as opposed to falling in love with one idea and not deviating from it. I had a lot of inspiration from my benchmarking that I wanted to incorporate and draw from in my final design.

I focused on a storytelling approach in my wireframing that started with introducing the product and led to testimonies from other clients and companies with a final CTA section that allowed viewers to register for the product if they were so inclined. 

I focused on one question in my implementation: How can I best simplify the information into digestible and comprehensible sections? Through analyzing my wireframes, I realized that having an individual icon and description for each benefit EasyEvent supplies their user was unnecessary if a list could get the same information across adequately.

Therefore, once I started designing, I condensed the information down into two lists (featured below) that could supply a mental checkmark in the viewer’s mind.

In my benchmarking, I discovered just how large a trend gradients were. 83 pecent of the sites I looked at used gradients as their main source of adding colour to the landing pages.

Another noticeable pattern was the use of sans-serifs, I went with one of the best & widely used sans-serif fonts out there: Gotham (sorry Helvetica, you have been dethroned).