My favourite thing about the Algolia blog illustrations is that they always manage to take such complex and technical articles and condense them down to an elegant isometric illustration. I wanted to challenge myself to take an older blog post without a graphic in the same style and create one that would fit if it was published today.

I selected Julien Lemoine's “Algolia’s Checklist for Selecting a Critical SaaS Service.

The rocket in the middle of everything represents the SaaS service. I've noticed how Algolia’s blog illustrations sometimes have a search icon cleverly worked in so I decided to combine it into the window of the rocket (also a subtle suggestion that Algolia is a SaaS company fitting all of these requirements). 

Each  detail around fuels the rocket and supports the four points Lemoine details in his article (also colour-coded by the physical checklist beside the rocket): Support (smiley faces), high availability (data centers), trust (hearts), security (cloud lock). 

See them in higher resolution here.