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It's pronounced June—like the month. For a long time, I've thought of myself as a designer with a confused sense of belonging; I was born in Taiwan, raised in Canada, and attended school in North Carolina. I'm a firm hugger and a curious wanderer. I'm an optimist.

I'm still all those things, but more than that.  I graduated from University. I traveled to Europe for the first time, found love in Paris, moved to New York City.

Eventually, I found my space in the place between knowing who I was and finding out who I am.

Now I describe myself as a multidisciplinary designer and blogger based in Brooklyn. I'm still an optimist (maybe even more so). I’m the creator & curator of Radiate Quotes. I'm a feminist. I'm loud when I laugh. I feel alive when I watch sunsets. I love rock climbing and riding my bike and practicing yoga. I want to learn how to swim and go camping under the stars and hike the Rainbow Mountain in Peru.

I give my all to my friends and my family. I cry when I watch movies sometimes. I feel a lot, maybe too much, but most of the times, it always seems to be just enough.

Thank you for visiting and exploring my website. It really does mean a lot to me. Please, drop me a line if you’re interested in knowing more or working together! Even if it’s not design related, I’d love to chat.

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